Palmetto State Classic
Irmo High School
Columbia, South Carolina

12-7 & 8-2001

Table of Contents: (1) Directions to the Hotel that the Wrestlers will stay in. (2) Directions to Irmo High School, the host of the tournament. (3) Ticket Prices for General Admission. (4) Weigh In Information. (5)Seed Criteria (6) Schedule of Events

Directions to Comfort Inn Hotel, Columbia, South Carolina, Phone (803-798-0500)

Directions to Irmo High School, Columbia, SC,
Palmetto State Classic Wrestling Tournament

Ticket Prices for General Admission
Tickets will be sold on a DAILY basis. Friday $3.00, Saturday $5.00. Individual tickets will be sold for the finals only for $3.00

Weigh In Information
Weigh ins will be from 4:00- 5:30 Friday December 10th.
There will be a WEIGH OUT immediately following the last round on Friday night. 1 pound will be given at the weight out. If a wrestler does not make the 1 pound allowance at weigh out, they may weigh in Saturday morning from 7:30-8:30.

Note to the Wrestlers: If you make one pound allowance at weigh out, you will not be weighed the next day. Think about it!

Seeding Criteria
This is to answer your question as to how the tournament will be seeded.
1. State Place winners (4 Places)
2. State Qualifier tournament place winners (4 places)
3. Last years record.

Schedule of Events

Friday December 10th:
5:30 Coaches meeting in Athletic Office
5:45 First Round Championship (4 mats), Second Round Championship (4 mats), First Round Consolation (4 mats)
Weigh Out with 1 pound allowance

Saturday, December 11th
7:30 am Weigh in if not made Friday night
8:15 am Coaches Meeting in Athletic Office
8:30 Begin with Second Round of Consolation

They will run event until finished on Saturday. Finals and Consolation Finals will be run at the same time. Anticipated finishing time will be 7:30 pm Saturday night.