this custom designed medal made exclusively for the indian classic by catawba rasslin?/span> and maxwell medals is awarded to the top three wrestlers in each weight class.

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?old, silver, and bronze.

indian classic & jv indian classic

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text box: award stand
another  piece of ssh wrestling history is the stands used to award the medals to the winners of the indian classic and the little indian classic.  these stands were built by catawba rasslin?and used in the 1995 world championships in atlanta.  one section of the stand is autographed by legendary usa olympic wrestlers.  bruce bumgarner, dave shultz, kurt angle, the brands brothers, and more.
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the indian classic has been one of the longest running?team tournaments in north carolina.?


it is always a tough tournament filled with great last second matches.

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no matter how many years go by, former sshs wrestlers and others that competed, will ask first about the indian classic.


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50th annual indian classic

12-03-2022 results

10th annual jv classic,

12-02-2022 results

watch live brackets at

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18th annual

indian duals



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click on the years below to see some of the indian classic winners for the past few years.

?1,?9,?8,?/span>17,?6,?5, ?4, ?3, ?2, ?1, ?0, ?9, ?8, ?/span>07, ?/span>06, ?/span>05,?/span>04,?/span>03,?/span>02,?/span>01,?/span>00, ?/span>99,??/span>98, ?7, ?6


jv indian classic

?/span>21,?9,?8,?/span>17,?6,?5, ?4, ?3, ?2

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