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Blake Baker Places 3rd at 3a 126 NCHSAA State
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Blake Baker Wins 3rd Place at State

Blake Baker @ 126 placed 3rd and the NCHSAA State Championships this weekend in Greensboro. The Tribe finished tied in 29th place with 23 team points.  Salvador Gilvaja won two matches scoring 3 team points and Graham scored 4 team points



Saint Places Four into the State Tournament

Saint place 5th in the 3A West Regional Tournament this weekend at St. Stephens. The Tribe scored 101.5 points and had four top four placers to head to the State Tournament this weekend at the Greensboro Coliseum.

Blake Baker was the champion in the 126 pound weight class. Salvador Gilvaja placed second at 182. Luke Queen placed 3rd at 120, and Graham Ormand placed 3rd at 106.


Congratulations to Luke Queen
Luke reached his 100th career win milestone at the Regional this weekend.
He won a 4-3 decision over Tanner Reese of Pisgah

Congratulations to Blake Baker
Blake reached his 100th career win milestone at the Regional this weekend.
He won a 18-4 major decision over Sean Matheson of Crest

Congratulations to Graham Ormand
 Graham reached his 75th career win milestone at the Regional this weekend.
He won a 1:45 pin over Koby Rikard of Kings Mountain

Congratulations to Jordan Bolling
 Jordan reached his 25th career win milestone at the Regional this weekend.
He won a 9-2 decision over Michael Cadenhead of


Saint Wins First Round of State Duals But Falls in the 2nd Round

Saint started the State Duals off with a first round win over Kings Mountain with a score of 45-27. Pinning for the Tribe was Graham Ormand, Ely Jenkins, Luke Queen, and Dakota Metcalf.  Jontae Fant rode a techfall at 132. Salvador Gilvaja grabbed a major decision at 195. Ivan Vergel and Josh Beltran each won decisions.

The second round was lost to Piedmont.  Final score was 32-34, but Piedmont forfeited the last two weight classes after they sealed the match with a 20-34 lead with two matches to go.

Saint now prepares for the 3A West Regional which will be held at St. Stephens on Friday and Saturday Feb. 10th and 11th.  Start time will be Friday at 5:00.

Congratulations to Salvador Gilvaja
Salvador reached his 75th career win milestone tonight with a 10-2 major win over Chandler Morgan of Kings Mountain. He got his 76th win with a 3:41 pin over Garrett Hinson of Piedmont.


Saint Takes 2nd at Northwestern Conference Tournament

Saint placed 2nd with 169 points. We had 13 wrestlers finish in the top 4 of the tournament.

Blake Baker won the 126 championship.

2nd Place Finishers
Luke Queen at 120, Dakota Metcalf at 170, Salvador Gilvaja at 182

3rd Place Finishers
Graham Ormand at 106, Eddie Brannock at 138, Daniel Tellez at 195, Jessie Houston at 220, Josh Beltran at 285

4th Place Finishers
Ely Jenkins at 113, Jontae Fant at 132, De'Untae Henry at 145, Ivan Vergel at 152


Saint Wins at Hibriten

The Tribe finished the conference dual season in second place with a 62-14 win over Hibriten  Our record for dual team wins is 30-6 with a 6-1 conference record.

Pinning tonight for the Tribe were Blake Baker and Salvador Gilvaja. Eddie Brannock scored a 15-0 techfall.

The highlight match of the night was GARRETT BOLLING. Garrett, a freshman, has aided the Tribe all season by taking on strong competition and allowing the team to juggle the line up to win dual matches. He has only wrestled 15 varsity matches this year. Tonight he got his first career Varsity win with a commanding 10-7 win. He scored a take down, 2 reversals, and 2 two-point near falls. The win was exciting, not only because he won, its because he has worked hard to train his body to respond to changing positions on the mat. Kind of like watching a blind man dancing the hokey-pokey at the edge of Linville Gorge. Somehow he manages to just slip around the danger. Great job Garrett!

The conference tournament will be held this weekend at Watauga on Saturday.


Saint Blanks Watauga

To nights match was never in doubt as Watauga was forfeiting 8 weight classes in to night's match. This was automatically giving the Tribe a 48-0 winning lead. Saint did not give up any points, pinning all opponents, and scoring the perfect score of 84-0


Saint Falls to Fred T. Foard

It was a close match all night with the score changing hands and staying close until the end. Salvador Gilvaja and Josh Beltran majored for the Tribe. Graham Ormand pinned his opponent. Luke Queen, Blake Baker, and Jontae Fant won decisions. After 11 weight classes, Saint was down by a score of 23-24.  The Tribe did not score in the last 3 matches and lost the dual meet 23-37.


Saint Downs South Caldwell

Saint pulled through another win today with a 45-33 margin over South Caldwell. Once again the Tribe did what was necessary to win the match. Sacrifices were made, some gambles were taken, some lives were lost, but it all worked out in the end.

Freshman Garrett Bolling started the dual meet and fought valiantly in a major decision lost.  Battling more experienced wrestlers at Garrett's early stage of wrestling has shown his determination to the sport. He knew going into the match what his role was for this match. NO PIN. No tech fall and no pin for South Caldwell in this match. Score 0-4.

Ivan Vergel received a forfeit. Score 6-4

Next came along Jordan Bolling.  He broke out of a cradle entrapment and stuck his opponent for his 4th conference win of the season. Down 0-4 in the second period, it looked for sure that Jordan was in deep trouble being locked in a cradle. As he was being rolled over to a pinning position, he blocked the roll, broke the opponents lock, and pinned his opponent. That's what happens when you keep wrestling. Score 12-4.

Dakota Metcalf "squeezed" out a first period pin without the involvement of EMS. Dakota's addition to our line up has enthused the team because he is all out to pin and win. Score 18-4

Salvador Gilvaja stuck another pin to increase our lead to 24-4.

The Tribe dropped the next four matches and South Caldwell pulled into the lead 24-27.

Luke Queen finished his match with a dramatic move that had him pinning his opponent, but time ran out before the pin. Score 27-27

Blake Baker thought he was in an MMA match after his opponent slammed two right hooks across the side of his head. Well, you don't do that to someone who still has traces of West Lincoln in his blood. Blake snatched his opponent up into the air. We were expecting a body slam at this point, but then an Indian Spirit called for calm, "EASY (oh dear God) EASY". (Your humble reporter already had 911 on the line). Blake heard the call and cradle his opponent in mid-air and gently laid him to the mat for a pin.  The Indian Spirit was pleased. After the match, unnamed sources from the CIA briefings stated that the instructions were, "Yes, he is going to beat you so you may as well try to get your licks in. Maybe you can make him mad enough to get himself disqualified."  This was reported on BUZZFEED and CNN, but no one at this time can verify this story. Score 33-27

Saint dropped the next match to make the score 33-33.  Junior Eddie Brannock took charge in the next match with a take down, and "Yes, a 3 point Near Fall", then a pin. Score 39-33.

With one match to go, South Caldwell ran out of wrestlers.  De'Untae Henry took a forfeit for the Tribe in the final match to push the score to 45-33.

Congratulations to De'Untae Henry
De'untae reached his 25th career win milestone today with a forfeit from South Caldwell.
They all count.


Saint Defeats Freedom 39-33

It was a night of wrestling that left everyone in the gym physically and emotionally drained on both sides of tonight's match.  With unexpected wins and unexpected losses, both teams were tie at 33-33 with one match to go. Saint Senior Jontae Fant claimed the final and deciding win of the night with a 2nd period 3:12 pin. Tribe wins 39-33.

What lead up to the final match for Jontae was a night of team sacrifice by almost everyone wrestling out of their class. Eddie Brannock start off the first match by bumping up to 145 in a match up with #3 ranked Spencer Leonhardt. Eddie lost 0-7 which gave Freedom a 0-3 lead.  Unknown at the time, this outstanding effort by Eddie help set the table for the final Tribe victory.

Freedom ran up the score to 0-11 before the Tribe could punch through to a score. It looked bad for the Tribe, but our wrestlers refused to be pinned and kept shaving the possible additional points away from Freedom. De'Untae Henry fought constantly off his back to only give up a 0-16 techfall which award Freedom 5 points and Ivan Vergel lost a 7-11 decision. Both wrestlers fought hard and with determination.

Jordan Bolling was the first Tribe member to punch through to a win in the fourth match of the night.  Down 4-1 in the first period, he battled back to a tie 4-4 in the second period.  He scored our first 3 points with a 3rd period decision win. It was a great come back effort which left the Saint fans gasping for air and ear plugs as his Mom pierced the night with screams of hysterical encouragement.  Never knew that English had so many twisted words, vowels, and consonants . Good Job Mom!! Now the score was 3-11.

Just as we thought we would get back in the match,  Dakota Metcalf, leading 7-2, was called with a slam and was disqualified.  Dakota was wrestling great, but a lift and throw to the mat with his opponent in a unprotected position ended the match.
Score 3-17. Things were looking bleak for the Tribe while only winning 1 out of the first 5 matches. Score 3-17

Salvador Gilvaja grabbed his opponent for a 4 point 1st period lead.  His opponent took down in the 2nd. Sal spoke something in Italian and pinned him.  Daniel Tellez responded also with a pin in the second period and brought the Tribe back to 15-17. Daniel is also fluent in 4 languages. Spanish, English, Dominoes, and Taco Bell. That is why I think he is such a smart wrestler. Great job for the Tribe.

Josh Beltran battled 2-4 in the first period, but was reversed and pinned by their massive heavy weight.  I admire Josh's determination.  It takes a lot of heart and courage to face off with full blown 285 pound wrestlers. Score 15-23.

Graham Ormand held off his opponent in a 0-9 loss to only give 4 points to Freedom. Score 15-27. Only 5 matches to pull off a win for the Tribe.

As Three Dog Night (for you older folks) once sang, "ELY'S COMING", Ely Jenkins wrestle the match of his career. If he doesn't win here, the match is over. Down 6-8 in the first period, fighting off his back giving a near fall 3, reversing off his back to get his own near fall 3 at the close of the period. But wait, it gets more gut wrenching. Ely gets a take down in the second period and gives an escape. Down 8-9, Ely chooses down in the third period hoping to get an escape to tie the score. BUT NO-O-O-O-O! Ely gets twisted to his back giving up a near fall 3 and a possible pin.  OH @#$%$#%^&^$##. (Those are my thoughts running through my head at the time). And then, as if Devine Intervention stepped in, an Indian Spirit calmly floated to the side of the mat and whispered so delicately, "ELY ROLL THE OTHER WAY!!! (I think it was actually Crazy Horse who did that for the Tribe). Ely must have heard the gentle suggestion, bowed up his strength, rolled the other way, reversed his opponent to his back and PINNED. Tribe 21-27. Tribe Mom's were readjusting their clothes and wiping snot from their noses after that one.

Jovanny Urzua, goes out and scrambles his heart out, but gets caught and pinned in the 2nd period. Tribe down 21-33. Just 3 matches to go. Down by 12 points with only 18 points still open to claim for the win.

Luke Queen pins in the first period in 1:53. Tribe 27-33.

Blake Baker rolls up a 11-4 lead then pins in the second period 3:28. Tribe 33-33

Now Jontae Fant, one of our 3 seniors, takes control of the deciding match with a early take down in the 1st period. He took down in the second period and reversed his opponent and then scored a 3 point near fall. To put an explanation point of this grueling night of wrestling, Jontae finish his match with a pin. Tribe 39-33.

Tribe now 27-5 and 3-0 in conference. Saturday with go to South Caldwell. I hope Crazy Horse had another plan.


Saint Defeats Hickory and Southlake Christian

Saint defeated conference opponent Hickory 71-12 and then defeated Southlake Christian 72-12

While the matches became lopsided, several of our wrestlers reached new milestones in their wins tonight.

Congratulations to Ivan Vergel
Ivan reached his 50th career win milestone tonight with a 2:14 pin over
Darron Jones of Hickory.

Congratulations to Daniel Tellez
Daniel reached his 25th career win milestone tonight with a 3:55 pin over
Richie Benoit of Hickory.

Congratulations to Dakota Metcalf
Dakota reached his 25th career win milestone tonight with a 0:28 pin over
X'Quan Wilfong of Hickory.




Saint Defeats Patton

The Tribe opened the 2017 conference season with a win over Patton 67-6. The outcome of the match was not in doubt as Patton had a depleted line up from transfers and sickness.  Patton gave up 6 forfeits for 36 points.  We only needed 7 points at the start of the match to secure the dual match win.

Blake Baker majored 14-6 with 7 takedowns and Eddie Brannock pinned in 1:06 early in the match to secure the conference win for the night. Others pinning tonight were De'Untae Henry @ 0:30, Jordan Bolling @ 2:49, and Salvador Gilvaja @ 1:16.

The highlight match of the night was Ivan Vergel's match with Trip Berry. Ivan grabbed the first takedown of the match, but Berry escaped, scored a takedown and a 3 point near fall.  Down 2-6, Ivan battled back in the second period scoring 6 points to Berry's 2 points to even the score 8-8.  Berry took bottom in the 3rd and scored an escape to go ahead 8-9. Time was running out on Ivan when his persistence scored him a takedown with seconds remaining in the match.  Ahead 10-9, Ivan rode out Berry for the remaining seconds of the match.   Great match for both wrestlers. 

Our record is 24-5 overall and 1-0 in conference match ups.

Special note: The Fred T. Foard Match scheduled for Tuesday 1-17-2017 is tentatively being moved to Thursday 1-19-2017 due to final exams.  Update will be forthcoming.


Saint Goes 7-2 in Big Horn Duals at Havelock

It was a great weekend of wrestling for the Tribe with 7 out of 9 wins in the Big Horn Duals at Havelock.  Saint's two losses were both close matches at 30-31. Graham Ormand, Blake Baker, and Salvador Gilvaja went undefeated at 9-0.

Congratulations to Jonta Fant
Jonta reached his 25th career win milestone this weekend with a 4-1 Decision over
Jakob Buckett of Swansboro.



Saint Takes Third Place at Cary HS - Sgt. Mark Adams Invitational

The Tribe had a great showing at the tournament with three champions, two 2nd place wins, and one 4th place.

Blake Baker @ 126, Eddie Brannock @ 138, and Salvador Gilvaja all won their respective weight classes.

Graham Ormand @ 106 and Ivan Vergel @ 152 placed 2nd in their weight classes.

Joshua Beltran placed 4th @ 285

Congratulations to EDDIE BRANNOCK
Eddie reached his 100th career win milestone in today's Championship Final match with a 15-0 Technical Fall over Cannon Bridges of West Lincoln

Congratulations to BLAKE BAKER
reached his 75th career win milestone in today's Semi-Final match with a 3-2 Decision over Cymek Shaw of Cary




Saint Defeats Bunker Hill

Saint extended its win streak to 16-3 with a 40-30 win over Bunker Hill tonight.

The best news of the night was the return of Ivan Vergel to the line up.  Ivan was the first match of the night and won with a 19-3 techfall in the second period.

The Tribe pinned three times tonight. Daniel Tellez pinned in 4:19 @195, Josh Beltran pinned in 3:21 @ 285, and Eddie Brannock pinned in 1:30@ 138.

Dakota Metcalf and Salvador Gilvaja won hard fought matches.  Metcalf won 4-3 by hanging tough on bottom at the close of the match.  Gilvaja had two 3rd period take downs to win his match 9-3.

The event is at Cary, NC. Bus leaves at 9:00 a.m. Thursday morning.



Saint Grabs Four Wins at the Newton Duals

Saint defeated Cherryville 66-18, Alleghany 57-21, Avery 60-10, and Independence 60-22. Our dual record is now 15-3.

Congratulations to LUKE QUEEN
Luke reached his 75th win milestone in tonight's match with a pin over Colin Edwards of Alleghany in 1:47

Congratulations to GRAHAM ORMAND
Graham reached his 50th win milestone in tonight's match with a pin over Evan Wagner of Alleghany in 1:48

Congratulations to SALVADOR GILVAJA
Salvador reached his 50th win milestone in tonight's matches with three pins and a forfeit. His last pin was over Blake Williams of Avery in 1:22.



St. Stephens 61 East Burke 18

It appeared as though the night was going to see a back and forth match of trading out wins. The return of Luke Queen to the lineup put and early stop to that situation. Luke's first match of the year was finished in 15 seconds with a pin from a cement mixer move that left the opponent encased on his back.

Welcome Back LUKE!!!!!!

Pinning on the night for the Tribe was Graham Ormand, Blake Baker, De'Untae Henry, Dakota Metcalf, Daniel Tellez, Jesse Houston, and Josh Beltran

Eddie Brannock scored a commanding 19-3 techfall. Garrett Bolling scored a major decision at 11-2. Salvador Gilvaja scored a major decision at 14-2.

Congratulations to JOSH BELTRAN
Josh reached his 25th win milestone in tonight's match with a pin over Jonathan Palmer in 2:49

The Tribe is now 11-3 in dual meets going into Friday night's duals at Newton Conover. This speaks to the heart of the Tribe. Our younger wrestlers have had to hold the line for the Tribe until the return of three seasoned starters are back in line up. Luke was one, two more to go. May the Spirit of Crazy Horse be with the Tribe.

106: Graham Ormand (SS) p. Trevor Phillips 4:40
113: Arturo Castillejos (EB) p. Ely Jenkins 2:34
120: Luke Queen (SS) p. Justin Stilwell 0:15
126: Blake Baker (SS) p. Theodore Montejo 0:48
132: Noah  Gilbert (EB) p. Jonta Fant 4:19
138: Eddie Brannock (SS) tf. Dylan Deaton 19-3
145: De'Untae Henry (SS) p. Noah  Tallent 5:38
152: Garrett Bolling  (SS) maj. Miles Davis 11-2
160: Aaron Leonhardt (EB) p. Marty Hayes 1:58
170: Dakota Metcalf (SS) p. Mark Robbins 1:58
182: Salvador Gilvaja (SS) maj. Robert Nicely 14-2
195: Daniel Tellez (SS) p. Brandon Allen 0:55
220: Jesse Houston (SS) p. Richard Sexton 0:57
285: Josh Beltran (SS) p. Jonathan Palmer 2:49





Saint Wins Three Matches at RS Central

The Tribe defeated West Henderson 45-24, South Point 52-27, and RS Central 47-24. Our dual record now stands at 10-3.

With several starters on injury reserve, our younger wrestlers are doing a solid job of keeping us in the matches by holding off pins and bonus points.  It is good to see the young group wrestling hard for the team. Jovanny Urzua, Garrett Bolling, Kros Carrigan, and Robert Valencia show determined effort to battle for the Tribe. 

On the three matches on the night:

Graham Ormand had two pins and a major
Blake Baker had two pins and a major
Jonta Fant had two pins and a decision
Eddie Brannock had a pin, a major, and a forfeit
Dakota Metcalf had two pins and a forfeit
Salvador Gilvaja pick up 3 wins with two forfeits and a hard fought 9-3 decision
Josh Beltran had two pins and a forfeit.


Saint Falls to Newton Conover 24-38

The Tribe battled with a depleted line up tonight having to give up two forfeits due to injuries.  This doesn't take away from Newton Conover's strong effort and solid wrestling. The match started at 106 and stayed even at 15-15 over the first 7 weight classes. Graham Ormand pinned for the Tribe at 106, Blake Baker was given a forfeit in a bump around by NC , and Eddie Brannock scored a decision in the first seven matches.

Newton Conover out scored the Tribe in the last seven matches winning 5 out of 7 of the remaining matches.  Salvador Gilvaja at 182 and Josh Beltran at 285 won for the Tribe. Gilvaja won a hard fought 5-3 match and Beltran pinned at 1:22 in his match. 

The loss is a loss, but the performance of the team was not as bad as it may seen on the surface. Saint lost by 14 points, but had to give up 12 of those points by forfeits due to injuries.


Saint Wins the 45th Annual Indian Classic

The Tribe is off to a good start for the 2016/17 season.  With a 7-2 dual record in the early season, a 3rd place finish at the Old Appalachian Open, and now winning the 45th Indian Classic. Saint won with 189 points which gave a 30 point win over the second placed West Lincoln. This was especially a good win for the Tribe because we only wrestled in 12 of the 14 weight classes due to early season injuries. Our Indian Classic Tournament Champions and Place Winners are:

Champions: Eddie Brannock @ 138, Jordan Bolling @ 160, Salvador Gilvaja @ 182.

2nd Place: Graham Ormand @ 106, Blake Baker @ 126, Jontae Fant @132,

3rd Place: Ely Jenkins @ 113, De'Untae Henry @ 145, Josh Beltran @ 285

4th Place: Daniel Tellez @ 195, Jessie Houston @ 220