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St. Stephens Wrestling Established the Season of 1968-1969 by Coach Tommy Simmons
Catawba Rasslin Established by Coach RL Lail in 1988

Saint Wins Conference Tournament Championship!!!!!
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JV Scrimmage Tuesday 1-23-2024


Tuesday we will have a JV scrimmage at St. Stephens at 5:00pm

Our group will be paired up against North Henderson and Patton wrestlers.

Everyone come out in full force to support our wrestles.


The concession stand will be open with nachos and pizza. We could use some help please.


St. Stephens will be in the hunt for a dual state championship starting Saturday. Details are a little guarded at this time, but it is believed that we will have to travel to Ashbrook.

Round 1 and round 2 of the dual state playoff will be wrestled on Saturday.

Plan on being there!!!!!







Saint Clinches Western Foothills Conference Tournament



    Team Season Team Abbr Count Points
1   St. Stephens, NC  St. Stephens, NC (GET) STST 14 231.0
2   Fred T Foard, NC  Fred T Foard, NC (GET) FTF 13 176.5
3   North Lincoln, NC  North Lincoln, NC (GET) NOLI 10 157.0
4   North Iredell, NC  North Iredell, NC (GET) NOIR 14 131.0
5   West Iredell, NC  West Iredell, NC (GET) WEIR 11 87.0
6   Statesville, NC  Statesville, NC (GET) STAT 12 56.5
7   East Lincoln, NC  East Lincoln, NC (GET) EALI 12 26.0
8   Hickory, NC  Hickory, NC (GET) HICK 7 6.0




Tonight was the strongest showing the Tribe has had for several years. All 14 wrestlers finished in the top four. Great team effort to win both the regular season dual championship and the conference tournament championship.


1st Place: Zane Taylor @113 (22pts), Zamonte Bruen-Brown @157 (24pts), Micah Geoghegan @175 (22.5pts), Avery Rhymer @ 190 (22pts), Breyon Gibbs @285 (22pts)


2nd Place: Tommy Kishpaugh @106 (14pts), Atticus Lail @132 (18pts), Will Fincher @165 (16pts), Victor Valasco @ 215 (16pts)


3rd Place: Koen Killian @126 (8pts), Heath Alejo @144 (14pts), Jared Luna @150 (14pts)


4th Place: Carson Powell @120 (8pts), Jeremiah Coleman @138 (10.5 pts)


Our next challenge is the State Dual Team Playoffs beginning this Saturday.  Place and time to be announced.





Saint Wins Conference Dual Team Regular Season Championship


Saint won over Fred T. Foard by a score of 37-22. This gave the Tribe a 35-1 dual record with a 7-0 perfect conference record.

It was a hard fought contest with Foard jumping out to an early 0-7 lead after the first two weight classes. The lead then started bouncing back and forward with Saint gaining with pins. To our young team's credit, they never gave up a pin on the match and held the losses to 3 to 4 points losses.


This gave Saint the championship for the first time in three years.



St. Stephens 37 - Fred T. Foard 22

144: Kevin Romero (FTF) maj. Heath Alejo 16-8 (SS) 0 (FTF) 4

150: Dawson Mace (FTF) d. Jared Luna 10-8 (SS) 0 (FTF) 7

157: Zamonte Bruen-Brown (SS) p. Grayson Holshouser 0:47 (SS) 6 (FTF) 7

165: Will Fincher (SS) d. Hunter Clark 3-0 (SS) 9 (FTF) 7

175: Brayden Mejia (FTF) d. Micah Geoghegan 11-6 (SS) 9 (FTF) 10

190: Avery Rhymer (SS) maj. Matthew Whalen 12-1 (SS) 13 (FTF) 10

215: Victor Velasco (SS) d. Jackson Dentel 3-1 (SS) 16 (FTF) 10

285: Breyon Gibbs (SS) d. Aiden Alesi 9-5 (SS) 19 (FTF) 10

106: Tommy Kishpaugh (SS) p. Bobby Pettiford 4:10 (SS) 25 (FTF) 10

113: Zane Taylor (SS) p. Noah Yang 2:39 (SS) 31 (FTF) 10

120: George Coleman (FTF) maj. Ashton Dancy 11-3 (SS) 31 (FTF) 14

126: Austin Laws (FTF) maj. Koen Killian 13-4 (SS) 31 (FTF) 18

132: Atticus Lail (SS) p. Toby Bowman 5:56 (SS) 37 (FTF) 18

138: Parker Johns (FTF) maj. Jeremiah Coleman 12-4 (SS) 37 (FTF) 22

Overall / (Conference Record)

St. Stephens 35-1 (7-0) 3A Western Foothills 3A


We will now face off against the entire conference in a Conference Tournament this Friday 1-19-2024 at North Lincoln.



Sorry about our website being down for a long time. I think the issue has been resolve by the host server. I'm still trying to catch up on the significant events to record on the Announcements Page.




Congratulation to Victor Velasco

Victor reached his 25th Career Win Milestone

He got a pin in 1:36 win in the West Iredell match on 1-05-2024

He is now at 31 wins


Congratulation to Koen Killian

Koen reached his 25th Career Win Milestone

He got a pin in 1:01 win in the West Iredell match on 1-05-2024

He is now at 30 wins


Congratulation to Atticus Lail

Atticus reached his 25th Career Win Milestone

He got a pin in 4:51 win in the Statesville match on 1-05-2024

He is now at 29 wins


Congratulation to Heath Alejo

Heath reached his 25th Career Win Milestone

He got a pin in 0:40 win in the Statesville match on 1-05-2024

He is now at 28 wins


Congratulation to Carson Powell

Carson reached his 25th Career Win Milestone

He got a pin in 1:24 win in the Hickory match on 1-12-2024

He is now at 25 wins







We have had good results with a 3rd Place finish at Cary and 3rd Place at Ashe County Best of the West. It is now time for conference season. We start at West Iredell with Statesville on Friday 1-5-2024. We are now 28-1 overall in dual team competition.


Congratulation to Jeremiah Coleman

Jeremiah reached his 25th Career Win Milestone

He got a forfeit win in the East Davidson match on 12-16-2023

He is now at 35 wins


Congratulation to Zane Taylor

Zane reached his 25th Career Win Milestone

He pinned his 25th win opponent in the Southeast Guilford match in 1:32 on 12-16-2023.

He is now at 34 wins


Congratulation to Breyon Gibbs

Breyon reached his 25th Career Win Milestone

He got his 25th win when his Wake opponent medical defaulted on 12-21-2023.

He is now at 29 wins


Congratulation to Tommy Kishpaugh

Tommy reached his 25th Career Win Milestone

He got his 25th win when his Ashley opponent medical defaulted on 12-21-2023.

He is now at 28 wins


Congratulation to Micah Geoghgah

Micah reached his 25th Career Win Milestone

He pinned his 25th win opponent from Hoke County in 2:55 on 12-21 match.

He is now at 28 wins


2023-2024 Christmas/New Year Schedule

Monday, December 18 JV & V: Practice 2:30 – 4:00 p.m.

Tuesday, December 19 JV & V: Practice 2:30 – 4:00 p.m.

Wednesday, December 20 JV & Varsity Depart to Bunker Hill @ 4:00 for a trimeet with BH & Cherryville. Matches start at 5:30.

Thursday, December 21 Varsity A: Depart for Cary @ 9:30 a.m. Weigh-ins @ 2:00, wrestling starts at 3:30 p.m.

Thursday, December 21 JV & Varsity B: Practice 2:30 – 4:00 p.m.

Friday, December 22 Varsity A: Weigh-ins @ 7:30, wrestling at 9:00 a.m

Friday, December 22 Varsity B: Depart for Maiden @ 7:00 a.m. Weigh-ins @ 7:30, wrestling at 9:00 a.m.

Tuesday, December 27 – Friday, December 29 JV & V: Practice 8:30 – 10:00 a.m.

Saturday, December 30 JV & Varsity: Depart for Ashe County HS @ 6:00 a.m. Weigh-ins at 7:30 and tournament starts at 9:00 a.m. If we can find hotel rooms reasonable, we will depart on Friday evening.

Tuesday, January 2 thru Jan. 4 JV & V: Practice 8:30 – 10:00 a.m. 

Friday, January 5 JV & V: Meet in aux gym at 2:30. Depart at 3:00 for Tri-meet at West Iredell with Statesville. Match time is 5:00 p.m.










Saint Wins Both Matches at North Gaston Tri Meet


Saint defeated Maiden 65-6 and North Gaston 56-21. These wins brings the Tribes overall record to 22-0.


Pinning for the Tribe in the Maiden match were Tommy Kishpaugh, Zane Taylor, Ashton Dancy, Atticus Lail, Heath Alejo, Zamonte Bruen-Brown, Will Fincher, and Hayden Alejo. Jeremiah Coleman and Micah Geoghegah majored in their matches.


Pinning for the Tribe in the North Gaston match were Tommy Kishpaugh, Zane Taylor, Ashton Dancy, Koen Killian, Jeremiah Coleman, Heath Alejo, Zamonte Bruen-Brown, Will Fincher, Avery Rhymer.


The most thrilling matches of the night was Ashton Dancy who went into overtime 3-3. He scored a takedown to a pinning combination to win his match. The other was Breyon Gibbs who scored a take down late in the third period to score a 7-6 heavy weight match.

Congratulation to Will Fincher

Will reached his 100th Career Win Milestone

He pinned his 100th win opponent in the North Gaston match tonight.

He is now at 100 wins



Varsity A will be traveling Saturday (12/16) to Lexington High School (NC).  Departure time is 6:00 a.m.  Weigh-ins are at 7:30 and wrestling will begin at 8:15 a.m.


There will not be any cash purchases on Saturday.  Here is the link to buy your admission ticket:

Cary Trip 12-21 back 12-22

Varsity A will be staying at Wingate by Wyndham, 6115 Corporate Ridge Road, Raleigh, NC 27607 for the SGT Mark Adams at Cary High School.  We will depart on 12/21 and return on 12/22.

Maiden Varsity B 12-22

Varsity B will be competing at Maiden on 12/22.

I have some XL hoodies left over for $25.  I can get any sizes if I order at least 10 or more and I can get the same price.  It will take about two weeks for delivery.  If you would like to order a hoodie, let me know asap.

I will be sending out a holiday schedule asap.  The conference schedule may change, so I am waiting on that information.  

The boys are having a great season!  Let's push them to keep up the good work!


Billy Baker, St. Stephens High School



Tribe Takes Five at Red Devil Duals


The Tribe wrestled from 5:00 pm to 1 am to win five dual matches at the Red Devil Duals. Results can be seen on the Current Dual Record on the Latest News page. This brings our record to 20-0 for the season. We defeated Stuart Cramer, Landstown, Va., Mooresville, Hickory Ridge, and Rock Hill, SC. 

Congratulation to Avery Rhymer

Avery reached and pasted his 50th Win Milestone

He pinned his 50th opponent in the Red Devil Duals against Mooresville to reach his 50th Career Win Milestone.

He is now at 54 wins



Saint Defeats Newton-Conover 38-33

It was a typical battle to the end with Newton-Conover. A fight to the end.  Saint was ahead 35-33 with one match left at 285. Our Breyon Gibbs went down to the final seconds of the 285 match. Tie 1-1 in the 3rd, Breyon scores a take down with 1 second left on the clock to seal the win. 38-33.

Pinning tonight for the Tribe were Tommy Kishpaugh 106, Zamonte Bruen-Brown 157, Will Fincher 165, and Micah Geoghegah 175.

The fan support for our wrestlers were strong tonight and was fully appreciated. Saint is now 15-0 in dual competition.




Saint Takes 2nd at the 51st Indian Classic 2023

Rank Team Points 1 2 3 4
1 West Rowan 195.5 3 3 4 2
2 St. Stephens 188 4 3 3 2
3 Mooresville 130 3 1 2  
4 Lincolnton 126.5 2 1 2 2
5 North Lincoln 98 1 3 1  
6 West Lincoln 88     1 6
7 AC Reynolds 49   2   1
8 South Iredell 48 1 1    
9 West Iredell 42     1  
10 Bunker Hill 16       1


MOW: Johnny Merriman 215 - Mooresville


Wt Class Place First Name Last Name Team   Wt Class Place First Name Last Name Team
106 1 Lane Jenkins West Rowan   150 1 Caleb Deaton Lincolnton
106 2 Tommy Kishpaugh St. Stephens   150 2 Aaron Keville North Lincoln
106 3 Hayden Jarratt West Iredell   150 3 Keegan Bostic West Lincoln
106 4 James Charles Lincolnton   150 4 Heath Alejo St. Stephens
113 1 Zane Taylor St. Stephens   157 1 Zamonte Bruen St. Stephens
113 2 Isaac Powell Lincolnton   157 2 Jared Luna St. Stephens
113 3 Levi Graham West Rowan   157 3 Cole Ellis North Lincoln
113 4 Bladen Ingle West Lincoln   157 4 Ethan McManus Bunker Hill
120 1 Jace Barrier Mooresville   165 1 Will Fincher St. Stephens
120 2 Dru Kerley South Iredell   165 2 Eli Jenkins West Rowan
120 3 Rylee Wesson Lincolnton   165 3 Marlon Castro Mooresville
120 4 Jathon Roby West Rowan   165 4 Levi Huss West Lincoln
126 1 Kaden Helms North Lincoln   175 1 Micah Geoghegan St. Stephens
126 2 Justin Prince AC Reynolds   175 2 Ben Parchuck AC Reynolds
126 3 Landon Neith Mooresville   175 3 Mason Kincaid West Rowan
126 4 Timmy Franklin West Lincoln   175 4 Robert Coleman West Rowan
132 1 Aiden Moose South Iredell   190 1 Brady Raab Mooresville
132 2 Till Helms North Lincoln   190 2 Avery Rhymer St. Stephens
132 3 Andrew Taylor West Rowan   190 3 Dakota Athey West Rowan
132 4 Logan Reynolds West Lincoln   190 4 Ben Sain West Lincoln
138 1 Kevin Obrien West Rowan   215 1 Johnny Merriman Mooresville
138 2 Austin Green Mooresville   215 2 Hunter Miller West Rowan
138 3 Atticus Lail St. Stephens   215 3 Gavin Gholami Lincolnton
138 4 Trevor Britton West Lincoln   215 4 Victor Velasco St. Stephens
144 1 Stetson Collins West Rowan   285 1 Geviaunta Walker Lincolnton
144 2 Gage Helms North Lincoln   285 2 Grayson Burleson West Rowan
144 3 Jeremiah Coleman St. Stephens   285 3 Breyon Gibbs St. Stephens
144 4 Brandon McBride Lincolnton   285 4 Zakariyyah Lowe AC Reynolds



Historical Notes about the 51st Indian Classic.

This was the first time the NCHSAA has allowed teams to enter multiple entries into the same weight class, with the exception that only one wrestler can be a scorer for the team. This was experimental for us at this tournament. Our Zamonte Bruen-Brown and Jared Luna were entered into the 157 weight class. To their credit, they defeated all of their opponents and faced each other in the 157 Finals match.



At the conclusion of the tournament Coach Baker made an announcement. The Team Trophies for 1st and 2nd had a new name. The Indian Classic name has been changed to the "Roy Hoffman Indian Classic". I had no idea that this was going to happen. I was and am deeply humbled with this gesture. My wife of 50 years, Nancy C. Hoffman, has been by my side for 30 years making the Indian Classic the best we could make it. The trophy may have my name on it, but there is a great life partner behind that name.



Congratulation to Zamonte Bruen Brown

Zamonte reached and pasted his 50th Win Milestone

He pinned his first opponent in the tournament to reach 50 wins.

He is now at 52 wins




Saint Captures Two Wins at South Caldwell

Arndt Defeats Newton Conover


Saint extended our winning record to 14-0 as we defeated South Caldwell 70-4 and a barn burner 37-36 win over Kings Mountain.

The Kings Mountain match ended with Will Fincher pinning his opponent to close the match to a 36-36 tie.  Saint won on criteria. We were equal in team points 36-36. Equal in matches won 7-7. But we had more pins 5-4. With the most pins we were award one additional team point to take the match 37-36.


Pinning for the Tribe were Avery Rhymer, Tommy Kishpaugh, Zane Taylor, Atticus Lail, and the closer Will Fincher. All so mention, our scorekeepers, Addison Baker and Carson Fincher, did a great job in recording the match. They are our last line of defense. They can quickly prove the results of the match and get criteria information justifying our win. Great Job By the Entire Team!!!


Arndt kicked off their season last night with a conference win over Newton Conover 95-6.  Arndt's record is now 1-0. Arndt's schedule and results can be seen on our website. Just click on the Arndt tab on each web page or on the blue box at the top of this page.




Saint Wins Three Matches at McDowell


Our young team pulled together to win a barn burner match up with Avery County. Avery had the advantage with numerous state level wrestlers.  We split 7-7 on the wrestled bouts. As good as the Tribe would fight off Avery, we were down 4 points going into the last match. There was no Stomp Team tonight to lighten the tension. We had one last wrestler, Tommy Kishpaugh. 87 pounds of mean bones.  His opponent was a full 106 pound powerhouse of energy.  But!. Tommy, like the picture of a little mouse shooting the bird to the hawk that about to attack him, grabs his opponents head and head locked him into a pin!!! WE WIN 39-37!



Saint Defeats Bandys 42-30


Saint now has a 9-0 record as we head into the Thanksgiving Holidays.  All individual and team stats are on the Latest News Page.


Last night at Bandys the match started off with an exciting heavy weight match. Our Breyon Gibbs won a triple overtime match 2-1. That set the tone for the entire night. Pinning for the Tribe tonight were Zane Taylor, Carson Powell, Zamonte Bruen-Brown, Will Fincher, and Avery Rhymer. Winning by decision were Ashton Dancy 6-1, Atticus Lail 5-0, Jeremiah Coleman 5-3, Breyon Gibbs 2-1.


The Tribe won 9 out of 14 matches.
And our Saint Fans were great and loud!

Roll Him Over,

Lay Him Flat!,

Push His Shoulders to the Mat!

Pin Him!, Pin Him!,

(stomp, stomp)

Pin Him, Pin Him

(stomp, stomp)



Saint Starts Season With A 3-0 Record


Saint got off to a clean start on Thursday night with three straight wins. The Tribe defeated West Wilkes 61-6, West Caldwell 49-16, and Alexander Central 65-15. Everyone made contributions to the wins with pins, tech-falls, and majors. Even our losses, that were against our opponents best and most seasoned wrestlers, were mostly contained to 3 point losses.


Our Saint fan base is back with great vocal support and in numbers. Great to see the Saint Crowd back in the stands.


Individual stats will be loaded to our website after this weekend's competition.









300 W Caldwell Dr, Lenoir, NC 28645



It's TIME!!!

What we have worked for all summer and fall is now upon us.
Saint travels to West Caldwell today at 3:00 PM. 4:00 PM Weigh In, and 5:00 starting whistle.

Saint will take on West Caldwell, Alexander Central, and West Wilkes. We do not know the order of the contest.
 All the match ups will be an early challenge for our young squad.

Please come and cheer for our young men.

Check back here for a brief recount of our efforts in West Caldwell.




Varsity Wrestling Parents Meeting will be held Monday, Nov. 13, 2023 in the cafeteria. Please be there for presentations of wrestling program, expectations, and guidelines.


Varsity Schedule is up to date on our website. Go there to see all events scheduled throughout the season.





Honey Badger October 14th, 2023


This is for all High School and Middle School Wrestlers. It is an open tournament that includes wrestlers from several states. See the link in the center Yellow bar above. 6th graders can also enter the middle school division.  Detail for registration will be release later this year.




A new season has started. The fund raiser was very successful. Money earned by each wrestler will go to paying for his summer activities. Wrestlers earned $8580.00 toward their summer expenses.




Congratulations to

APP Camp Tournament 195 Champion


Avery Rhymer





**NEW** The Catawba Rasslin Club has acquired a site for club meetings.  To be opened after the Labor Day Weekend in September. Membership and schedules for Elementary and Middle School wrestlers will be announced later.