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St. Stephens Wrestling Established the Season of 1968-1969 by Coach Tommy Simmons

Saint Ends Dual Season 19-3 and Undefeated  Northwestern 3a/4a Conferemce Champions
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9th Annual Honey Badger Coming October 16, 2021


Saint Downs North Gaston 44-27


Saint won its last dual match of the season to extend its dual record to 19-3. While some people may scoff at our wins this season because we captured so many forfeits, let's state one over looked fact. It is the strength and heritage of our program that we can get wrestlers to fill every weight class.  They may or not be all-stars, but by golly they are there to compete. We are proud of our entire wrestling roster.


Tonight's match was like the Little Big Horn and Custer. While they had some big senior guns, there were more of us than there were of them.


After the first six matches the score was tied 18-18. Our points were by forfeits, theirs by pins. Kymani Evans slowed North Gaston down by losing a 0-4 match that gave North Gaston 3 points, now 18-21. The Tribe had an opening in the next weight class and we received a forfeit with Jackson Vazquez, 24-21.


Our Senior Jayden Jackson, in his final match at home, won a major decision with a 15-5 score and started the wave of Indians over North Gaston. 28-21


Jacob Schwartz (a much improved wrestler) bumped up a weight class and dominated in his match with a 13-0 major decision. 32-21


We capture another forfeit in the next match with Isaac Burgin. 38-21


The Tribe pushed forward with a 17 point lead, but we had 3 matches to go.  North Gaston had two seniors and an junior waiting for the Tribe and could take the match with 3 pins.


Andre Britt sealed the dual meet for the Tribe with a 1:59 pin, and the only pin of the night for the Tribe. 44-21.

Kasen Turner, and Evan Vue wrestled tight matches and only loss by 3 point decisions.  These were great efforts to hold off North Gaston's more experienced wrestlers. Final 44-27.


Our Team Dual Season is over and we finished with a record of 19-3. Thursday the Individual Season starts with the Conference, Regional, and State tournaments. The seed meeting for the conference will be held at 1:00 pm on Wednesday.


Congratulations to Jayden Jackson
Jayden captured his 50 wins Milestone marker with his major decision tonight
 against North Gaston
Jayden won a 15-5 major decision only allowing his opponent two escapes and one take-down.



Saint Grabs Two Wins at East Lincoln

Welcome Saint Fans to another addition of Saint Wrestling Radio!  Mysterious events happened tonight and all will be revealed in due course.

The Tribe stepped out into the unknown tonight as three seniors were out of the lineup due to graduation. Our younger wrestlers had to pull the wagon if we were going to be successful tonight. (Nancy. Get me some Mylanta, Lord help us.)

Our first match was with Lincolnton.  We just watched as Lincolnton defeated East Lincoln in a conference match that was very close. We knew that wrestler match ups would be critical in both of our matches.

Well, things went our way in the Lincolnton match ups.  The Tribes "Second Wave" of young wrestlers started showing signs of improvement and determination. Pinning for the Tribe were Cesar Chavez Alonzo, Evan Trossi, Brady Connell, Kymani Evans, our lone senior Jayden Jackson, and Luke Apollonio. (Nancy, I got to clean my glasses! The first 5 are clear, but did I just read L-u-k-e? Hit the cough button so I can focus.) Yes, that is correct! Luke Apollonio joins in with our heavy hitters. Chance Wilson and Andre Britt both scored major decisions. Alec Petty and Kasen Turner wrestled for decisions in improved performances. (My, my. Something going on here.) Saint wins 50-21 over Lincolnton.

Now events started getting mysterious in the East Lincoln match. The match was closer than anyone could tell if you looked at the score clock. ( l'll get to that in a minute. Please pour a little more Mylanta. Thank you. )

The match started with Chance Wilson clutching another career pin in 1:21.  Also pinning were Brady Connell, and Kymani Evans. This is when the mystery started. We lost at at 145. The Flip Chart Score Board (this was so Darel Reece) awarded to us, not East Lincoln. No one caught it. So as the evening rolled on we looked to be in a safe situation. But we were in trouble. With five matches to go, we were actually ahead 27-18, not 33-18. East Lincoln could pin out the match and we would lose. (Please, not another Bandys finish)

In fact, we lost 3 of the last 5 matches by pins. Our Alec Petty dominated for a 17-2 technical fall, 5 points, (where did that come from) and (let me clean my glasses again) Luke Apollonio squeezes his second pin of the night. (Holy Cow) The actual final score was 38-36! The score was not correct on the Flip Chart.  The Flip Chart is Wrong! Billy is over there calm and thinking about his next gallon of water. Jones is contemplating how many more %$#@ boxes he has to move into his new house, and I'm living with the effects of a half bottle of Mylanta.  My notes showed we were in a dangerous situation, but everyone else was calm because of the Flip Chart!

Our next and final dual match of the season is at home on Tuesday against North Gaston at 5:30. This is Saint Wrestling Radio signing off. “Good night, Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are.”



Saint Completes An Undefeated Conference Schedule
Saint Defeats Freedom 66-16

Saint lost a much loved Senior this week. Dorian Whitworth has moved on to take his place in the Army Reserves and will be at East Carolina. Dorian is a young man of outstanding character and poise. He will leave a large hole in our lineup and in our hearts. Our sincere best wishes and prayers of safety go with Dorian into his future.

Pinning tonight for the Tribe was Kymani Evans, Jayden Jackson, Andre Britt, and Evan Vue. The outcome of the match was never in question as Freedom gave up 7 forfeits. 

Tonight finished the conference season in which Saint went undefeated.  This was our 4th Straight Conference Championships. We are 15-3 overall in our season.

Thank you to all that attended tonight's match.

Wrestlers are to be at the school by 3:15 on Wednesday. The bus rolls to East Lincoln at 3:30 pm


Saint Defeats Stuart Cramer and Statesville

Saint defeated Stuart Cramer 44-28.  Saint then defeated Statesville 56-24.  Despite the scores, there were great bouts in both matches.

The Stuart Cramer match started at 132 with their very experienced wrestle.  Our William Moore took the mat for Saint. William struck first with a takedown but was quickly reversed. (darn it). To the delight of the fans, William scored a reversal, but lost control for an escape. The first period ended 4-3. Will took down to start the second period. With a quick reversal, William powered his opponent to his back and scored a pin @ 2:28 of the match. This was a shocking win!!!  Our fans and the bench were ecstatic. It proves the point that if you keep working hard everything will start to click for you on the mat.  And William has worked hard and made great improvement. What a great way to start our match with an upset win!

Also pinning for the Tribe in the Stuart Cramer match were Brady Connell, Beck Nestor, Andre Britt, Chance Wilson, and Evan Trossi.

Some background information about a few of our matchups.  Cesar Chavez's opponent had a record of 15-0.  Cesar lost by a major decision and held the score down to a 4 point lost. Chance Wilson's opponent was 14-1 and Chance pinned him in the first period 0:34. Evan Trossi's opponent had a record of 10-5  and Trossi pinned him in 3rd period 4:48.

You have to have a great appreciation for Evan Vue at 285. His performance against a much larger opponent with a 12-3 record was an effort worth remembering.  Evan wrestled a very smart match. He stayed aggressive and blocked the attack by his opponent. Evan lost the match 0-5 and gave up only 3 team points.  This was a huge win for us in the team point race. Great job by Evan.

The Statesville match ended with Saint winning 56-24.  Pinning for the Tribe were Dorian Whitworth, Andre Britt, Luke Apollonio, and Evan Trossi. 

Notable wins were Chance Wilson and Jayden Jackson. Chance's opponent had a 14-2 record. Chance dominate the match with a 6-2 win. Jayden Jackson's opponent had a 12-2 record. Jayden tec-falled with a 15-0 win.

The match at was got our crowd pumped was the Luke Apollonio match.  Luke came alive in the Statesville match. He fought for the first take down, got it, and put his opponent on his back for a 0:45 pin.  He is showing signs of how good he can be.  Keep working LUKE!!!

We restart practice on Monday 5-31-2021 at 3:00 pm.

Our next match is the closing conference match against Freedom at home on Tuesday 6-1-2021 at 5:30. Let's go undefeated in conference action.

We wrestle WEDNESDAY at East Lincoln and also wrestling Lincolnton. Starts at 5:30.




Saint Defeats East Burke and Maiden

Tonight was Senior night and all of our seniors went undefeated. Jayden Jackson, Beck Nestor, Dorian Whitworth, Randall Lyons. My special thanks to our senior statistician, Rylee Baker. They all will be missed.

Saint took down East Burke tonight 59-10. Pinning for the Tribe were Beck Nestor, Dorian Whitworth, Andre Britt, Randall Lyons, and Chance Wilson. Jayden Jackson tech-fall his opponent with a 17-0.

Congratulations to Beck Nestor
Beck captured his 50 wins Milestone marker with his pin tonight against East Burke
Beck pinned his East Burke opponent at 1:01 for his 50th win.
This allowed for his Maiden forfeit to get him to 51 career wins.

Maiden was next and Tribe worked even harder.  They defeated Maiden 78-6.  Dorian Whitworth, Randall Lyons, Alec Petty, Cesar Chavez Alonzo, Chance Wilson, Brady Connell, and Kymani Evans all pinned for the Tribe.

The Tribe dominated the match with quick pins and received several forfeits.

The Fan Favorite tonight was Randall "Big MACK" Lyons. Our 285 first year wrestler thrilled the crowd with his MACK TRUCK take downs and his power lifting reversals. He defeated his East Burke with a 6-2 lead before he pinned him at 3:28 of the match. He then MACK TRUCKED his Maiden opponent and pinned him in 0:29.  If we only had him for 4 years instead of a few weeks.

We travel to Statesville on Thursday. Match time 5:30.


Saint Clinches 2021 Conference Title with 43-24 Win Over McDowell
Also Defeats Patton 60-22

This 2021 team accomplished what hundreds of high schools across the state only hope to achieve. By defeating McDowell tonight the Tribe not only won a conference championship, it was the fourth conference championship in a row. Congratulations to a determined group of young men.

The Tribe got off the a great start as Seniors Beck Nestor and Jayden Jackson both pinned their opponents to gain a 12-0 advantage.

Junior Jacob Schwartz moved up a weight class to 170 to battle with McDowell's senior. Jacob lost the match 2-9. His continuous efforts gained an escape in the closing seconds of the bout to keep the scoring down to a 3 point decision. The bench and our fans knew that this was a great effort by Jacob and loudly applauded his effort. This was a match that McDowell was needing for a pin, but now it is only 12-3. An outstanding effort by Jacob.

Senior Dorian Whitworth took the mat and pinned his opponent in 1:26. That boosted our lead to 18-3.

Junior Andre Britt took on a very strong opponent, but he used his wrestling skills to finish with a 11-3 decision. Now 22-3

Kasen Turner came up short in the next match and grave up a simple decision. To his credit he did not give up any back points in three periods. Just what the Tribe needs from our younger wrestlers. Great effort by Kasen! Now 22-6

Now "Mr. Excitement", Evan Vue, goes to the mat.  Evan is like a cherry bomb under a soup can. You don't know how long the fuse is and if it will go off. But when it does!! Kaboom!!! Evan throws his opponent through the air and straight to his back for a quick 5 point lead.  The match ends 6-2. The Tribe loves its V-U-U-U-E!!! Now 25-6

Cesar Chavez-Alonso had the quickest pin of the night in 0:16. Now 33-12. Chance Wilson and Evan Trossi follow with dominating three period decisions taking the score to 37-12. These wins clinch the title for the Tribe. But more excitement is in store for the Tribe and the Fans.

William Moore, a sophomore who has worked to improve for the last two years. He seldom gets to wrestle his weight class and will to anywhere in a match for the betterment of the Tribe. William finally gets his chance at his weight and he makes the very best of it.  "Will" gets taken down. 0-2 (Here we go again). Will gets turned. 0-4 (Well, he is fighting hard as usual). What is this?! Will gets an escape! 1-4. Will takes him down. 3-4. The Tribe is launching off the bench, screaming for Will. Our Fans going nuts. Will puts him on his back! Pandemonium breaks out on the Saint side to the building! Wrestlers are jumping up and down. Saint Fans Screaming!!! Referee slaps the mat.  Its a PIN for Will. Will was swamped by the team as he gets off the mat.  We all know how hard he has been working and now it paid off in the biggest conference match of the season. Now 43-12. Conference Title now firmly sealed.

The match ended in a 43-24 score. OK MOM'S here's one for you.

Congratulations to Cesar Chavez-Alonzo
Cesar captured his 50 wins Milestone marker with his win against Patton
Cesar pinned his McDowell opponent at 0:16 for his 49th win.
This allowed for his Patton forfeit to get him to 50 career wins.

The Tribe ran away with the Patton match 60-22. There were a few notable efforts to be recongnized.

Ryan Brown lost his match 5-13.  The outstanding point is that Ryan fought the entire match. It was 0-8 at the close of the second period. Ryan kept wrestling. He scored all of his 5 points at the "end" of the 3rd period. He never stopped. We were very excited with his growing effort on the mat.

Pinning for the Tribe were Evan Trossi, Brady Connell, Jayden Jackson, Dorian Whitworth, Andre Britt.

We finally get Kyler Milligan on the mat and he pins in 1:28

Another big success tonight was Kasen Turner who scored a 2nd period pin at 3:16. Everyone was excited for Kasen as he too has worked hard and making great strides on the mat.

Randall Lyons, who finally came out this season to wrestle his senior year, scored a 0:28 pin. 

Remember Senior Night next Tueday



Saint Clinches Conference Win Over South Caldwell
Drops a Loss to Mooresville

Saint outnumbered and out wrestled the Spartans of South Caldwell for a score of 70-4.  Pinning for the Tribe were Cesar Chavez Alonzo, Beck Nestor, Jayden Jackson, Andre Britt, and Randall Lyons. Kymani Evans major decision 11-1. Brady Connell decision 6-0

Bu-u-u-u-t-t-t-t-t-t, the individual match of this contest belonged to Chance "Maxwell House" Wilson.  It was a brawling match that drained every second of the 3 periods.  Chance was down 3-4 after the 1st period, the match was warming up.  It was 5-6 at the end of the 2nd period, things were getting hotter with less time in the match.

In the 3rd period, South Caldwell took down and quickly reversed Chance, 5-8. South Caldwell rode Chance like a double sack of coffee beans on the back of a burrow. 30 seconds left, no change. Time draining down. Chance was locked down on the mat. 10 seconds left, just can't get away. 5 seconds, the tapper is on the mat behind the referee counting down. "5!", "4!", Chance grabs an opening. "3!", Chance reverses South Caldwell. Now 7-8. (Mom is having vapors in the bleacher) Chance hits a tilt and opponents back is exposed. Tapper yells "2!", Referee counts "1!", Tapper yells "1!", Referee counts "2!". Tapper smacks the Referee with the tapping foam. It's Over. Referee yells "two" for near-fall back points for Chance. It ends 9-8 for Chance. Which goes to show that you don't quit. Be "Good to the Last Drop".

Saint fell to Mooresville in the second match of the night. 12-58.  Dorian Whitworth won a 7-2 decision. Mooresville forfeited one weight class. A couple of underclassmen for Saint were put into match for experience. Ryan Brown and Thomas Lipford got two starting positions during the evening.

Andre "Maytag" Britt was the standout bout of this match. Andre led 2-0 after the 1st period. Andre took down in the 2nd. The Mooresville wrestler cranked on Andre and score a 3 point near-fall. Now 2-3 with half of the period gone. Andre escapes, 3-3, then gets a take down to end the period 5-3.  Mooresville took down in the 3rd and quickly reversed on Andre. Now 5-5. No more scoring because Andre could not get away. 5-5. "OVERTIME" as our fearless leader, Coach Baker, yells out to Andre. Andre looks like he was just went through an old "Maytag Wringer Washer". He readies himself for the overtime onslaught. Referee blows whistle, Mooresville lunges for a take down.

You know, I never has seen a sprawl executed two and half feet above the mat.  It was like a wash tub agitator just flipped your best shirt from the bottom of the tub to the top. Well, that is what Andre did. Mooresville shot right under Andre. Andre came down on top of Mooresville. Andre circled his position and captured the overtime take down to win the bout. 7-5. Just like a "Maytag". No matter what size the load. He's always dependable.

"Conference Title Week" continues Thursday 5-20-2021.  Saint is 3-0. We travel to Patton and will wrestle our next conference opponent McDowell.  This a crucial match to claim the conference title.  Hope to see you there.


To all Alumni Wrestlers and Parents


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There is apparel that specially says “Saint Wrestling” and there are many that say “Saint Strong”. Please review the entire page.


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Saint Lost to Bandys

The Tribe won against Bessemer City, but lost to Bandys in the second match of the night. The Bessemer City match was over before it started. Their team was represented by 3 wrestlers. The overlapping of sports during this Covid season took away many of their wrestlers. The final was 78-6.

The Bandys match was a nail biter to the very end to a 30-34 loss. Tribe split the wins with Bandys 7-7, but Bandys won it on bonus points.

Pinning for the Tribe Alec Petty, Cesar Chavez Alonzo, and Dorian Whitworth. Also winning tonight in decisions were Chance Wilson, Evan Trossi, Kymani Evans, and Andre Britt. They were all physical matches. Chance won 5-0, Evan won 7-0, Kymani won 2-0,  and Andre Britt.

Andre Britt had the highest scoring match of the season. Just when you thought Andre had the best of the situation, his opponent would roll out of the situation. The match ended in a in a 17-16 decision for Andre.

Next week is "Conference Title Week". The Tribe is now 8-2 overall with a 2-0 conference record.  Two conference matches kick in this week. The Tribe will be at South Caldwell this Tuesday for a conference match.  We will travel to Patton on Thursday for a conference match with McDowell. We have to win both matches to stay in the lead of the conference.

05-11-2021 Note: Updated schedule now available on our Varsity Schedule link above.

Saint Takes Down Ashe County and Newton Conover

There were two hard fought matches tonight. Saint defeated a much improved Ashe County wrestling program 51-21. Saint then won a 45-24 final over Newton Conover.

The Ashe County match saw Brady Connell, Beck Nestor, Dorian Whitworth, Evan Vue pin for the Tribe.

The Newton Conover match was a typical rivalry match between annual Catawba County foes.  The first match indicated how this night was going to be contested.  Chance Wilson started the contest off at 120. It ended in regulation time with a 8-8 tie. As Coach Baker says, "OVERTIME". Chance score a takedown in the first overtime period capture the first 3 points of the dual meet.

Evan Trossi and Brady Connell followed with pins, push the score to 15-0. Kymani Evans then wrestled a 7-4 win to take the score to 18-0. Saint loss the next two matches and Newton Conover pulled to 18-9.

Jayden Jackson won out in the second overtime match of the event. Tied 7-7 in regulation time, Jayden scored the a winning takedown in the first overtime period. Score 21-9. Dorian Whitworth scored his second pin of the night and Andre Britt followed with a pin. Score 33-9.

Now the big guns for Newton kick in at 195, 220, and 285. The first two were quick pins by Newton. Score 33-21. Evan Vue took on the reigning 2a state champion at 285. There were only 3 matches to go, 285, 106, and 113.  If Saint lost by pins on the last 3 matches Newton-Conover would take the match with a 33-39 win.

That did not happen as Evan Vue would not give up in the heavy weight match to the very end. Down 5-13 in the 3rd period, Evan was about to give up a major 4 point decision. As time ran out, Evan freed himself from his opponent and scored the critical 1 point escape. This reduced bout scoring to a 3 point decision. Score 33-24. Newton could still take the match with a 6 point pin and a 4 point major decision. This was an outstanding job Evan Vue.

Alec Petty was next at 106. Newton could put the match in contention or Alec could close out the match for the Tribe. And do you know what he did? He ran up a huge 10-1 lead and then pinned his opponent to seal the win for the Tribe. Now 39-24, the match was lost for Newton.  Newton forfeited the 113 weight class. The match ended 45-24.

Overall, it was a great team effort by all!!! The Tribe is now 7-1 overall, with a 2-0 conference record. Next matches at Bandys on Thursday at 5:30

Congratulations to Dorian Whitworth
Dorian surpassed the 50 wins Milestone marker with his win against Newton-Conover
Dorian pinned his opponent at 0:57 seconds


Saint Wins Two at Home

Scores do not tell the full story of the individual efforts performed by our wrestlers tonight. There were numerous matches that displayed maximum effort and determination.

The Tribe won their conference match against Watauga 78-5. Chance Wilson scored a 6-0 lead before pinning his opponent in the second period at 3:21. Brady Connell was up 6-2 when he pinned at 2:51. Kymani Evans, Beck Nestor, Jayden Jackson, and Dorian Whitworth all dominated with first period pins.

Two of our sophomores had matches that charged up the crowd. William Moore has over matched with a more experienced wrestler. The match ended losing in a technical fall, but William would not give in to being pinned. He fought out of several near pinning situation. He showed determination that won the respect of the coaching staff and teammate.

Kasen Turner put in his best performance yet. He scored a 9-2 lead before he pinned at 3:14.

The win improves the the Tribes conference record to 2-0.

The second match of the night was with non-conference North Lincoln. The Tribe won this match 63-17. But that score does not tell the full story. Brady Connell, Kymani Evans, Dorian Whitworth, Andre Britt, Luke Apollonio, Kasen Turner, Evan Vue pinned their opponents.

Jayden Jackson lost by technical fall, but would not submit to getting pinned. He fought out of numerous situations of near falls. It takes a lot of effort and mental toughness to not give up a pin.

Dorian Whitworth lead in the third period with a 3-0 lead. This was an exhausting match for both wrestlers. Dorian got a take down then rode him out the first period. 2-0. Dorian took down in the second period. Made an escape to a lead of 3-0. The two wrestlers fought off each others attacks for the remainder of second period. You could see fatigue setting in on both of them. Dorian was on top for the start of the third period. His opponent furiously fought to escape and Dorian kept clinging to control. Finally with 0:29 left in the third, Dorian's conditioning won out over the opponent. Dorian flipped him to his back and it was over. 

Luke Apollonio went into the third period losing 1-2. He was taken down in the first period. He was on bottom for the REST of the first period and ALL of the second period.  Luke would get so close to getting away, but would collapse back down. The bench, the coaches, and even his MOM were screaming "GET UP".

But he just would not listen. The dirty little secrete was that Luke had a "plan".  He was going to let his opponent wear himself out trying to ride this bull for two periods. Luke took top in the third. Luke had to score back points. He could not let the opponent escape. Well, his opponent could not escape because he was exhausted. Luke's diabolical plan was working!! His opponent made a last gasp effort to reach back which exposed his back. Luke, seeing his opening on the exhausted opponent, grabbed his head, drove on top of his face, wallowed his belly on him, and pinned him. WHAT A GREAT PLAN!!!

Alec Petty put in the last 3rd period match of the night. This was his best showing so far this season. He score two take downs and two escapes to put out a 6-4 decision.  A great effort by the freshman.

Thanks to all that showed up tonight to support our wrestlers. Next home match is this coming Tuesday.

Congratulations to Kymani Evans
Kymani surpassed the 25 Milestone marker with his win against North Lincoln
He was ahead 5-0 before he pinned his opponent at 2:50 minutes



Saint Wins Two Matches at Alexander Central

The Tribe added to their season record with two wins. One of them was a big conference opener match.  Saint is now 3-1 overall and 1-0 in conference action. The opening match was a conference match with Alexander Central. The Tribe opened up right out of the gate with four straight pins by Beck Nestor, Jayden Jackson, Dorian Whitworth, and Andre Britt. BAM! It is 24-0. Alexander struck back with two pins and a decision to bring the score to 24-15. AC forfeited two weight classes that brought to score to 36-15.Chance Wilson, Brady Connell, and Kymani Evans scored pins. Evan Trossi won a 12-3 major decision that ran the score to 58-15. Saint's freshman Kyler Milligan fought off pinning combinations to only lose by a 4-11 decision to close the match at 58-18.

This was a great conference opener performance that puts Saint at the top of the conference standings. 1-0.

Our next opponent was a non-conference match up with Bunker Hill. The Tribe won the match 54-18. Pinning for Saint were Jayden Jackson, Dorian Whitworth, Chance Wilson, Brady Connell, and Beck Nestor.

We are at Home Thursday 5-6-2021 at 5:30.  We will be taking on Watauga and North Lincoln. Watauga is a must win conference match.

Other scheduling updates.  Hickory could not field a team this year. They have been replaced on our schedule with old time foe East Burke. That is on 5-25-2021.

Another scheduling move is that the conference match with McDowell has be moved up from 6-8-2021 to the date 5-20-2021 at Patton. A current schedule can be seen on our link or by clicking on our tabs at

Our team, like all other sports, has gone through the mental wringer with schedule delays and Covid constrains. They are working and wrestling hard. They deserve support from our alumni to be in the stands Thursday at 5:30. Be there and see old friends.


Saint's 2021 Season Opens with a Win and a Loss

Saint won its first match of the season against West Wilkes with a score of 63-18. There were several new wrestlers in the Saint line up getting their first varsity experience.  Chance Wilson, Will Moore, Brady Connell, Jacob Schwartz, Irvin De La Cruz Cardenas, Luke Apollonio, Kasen Turner all got their first experience at full varsity competition.

Pinning for Saint against West Wilkes were Chance Wilson, Evan Trossi, Kymani Evans, Beck Nestor, Luke Apollonio.

Saint's youthful group fell hard against the defending 2A state champions, Fred T. Foard in the second match of the night 12-63. Evan Trossi and Andre Britt pinned for the Tribe for its only scores.

These matches tonight were good for competition to prepare the Tribe for the conference opener next Tuesday 5-4-2021 at Alexander Central.  The Tribe is focused on its 4th straight conference title and that means a critical win at Alexander Central.




The COVID Season

Welcome to the 53rd year of wrestling at St. Stephens.

This will be a short and limited season. No individual tournaments until the Individual States. No State Dual Playoffs.

Saint will return four seniors to the lineup this season.

Jayden Jackson, Randall Lyons, Beck Nestor,  Dorian Whitworth


Saint will open its season Thursday 4-29-2021 with a tri-meet at Fred T. Foard at 5:00 pm.

Team Pictures will be taken this Friday 4-23-2021 at 2:00 pm in the auxiliary gym.